Freight Prices

“Freight” is anything judged to be more than a simple carry-on handbag or personal backpack. For example: a suitcase, duffel bag, freight box, or box of groceries. Smaller items may be reasonably grouped together to form one “piece.” See Luggage & Freight Policy here.

  • Pet

    See pet policy below for more details.

  • Bicycle

  • Kayak

  • Freight Per Piece

    First piece free per passenger.

  • Unaccompanied Freight

    per piece


Luggage & Freight Policies


1. The following types of items can be carried onboard the ferry. (All items are subject to additional limitations)

Personal Items – Such as purses, laptops, briefcases, camera cases, small backpacks carried on by passengers.

Luggage – Luggage that is carried on board by the passengers.

Sports Gear – Such as bicycles and kayaks that are carried on board by the passengers.


Light Freight

2(a). Passengers may carry on one (1) personal item (handbag, small backpack) and one (1) larger item such as a suitcase, duffel, box or cooler free of charge. Total weight may not exceed 50 pounds and must be transported to the ferry in one trip by the passenger.

2(b). Carry-on items exceeding the above is considered “freight” and will be at a cost of $7.00 per piece. A “piece” is defined as the equivalent of a 3-foot (1 cubic meter) box weighing no more than 50 pounds.

2(c). SBF provides transportation for passengers and light freight only. “Light” freight is defined as an object that can be carried by one person on/off the vessel, so excludes items such as furniture, large appliances, etc.

2(d). SBF may not provide transportation for commercially caught/harvested products.

2(e). Special freight handling requests may be submitted in writing via email to, or call 907-435-3299. Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

3. Passengers are responsible for carrying their own luggage/freight to and from the ferry. Passengers requiring assistance with boarding and/or disembarking the ferry should seek assistance from a crew member when boarding begins.

4. Ferry crew cannot carry or assist with luggage or freight that exceeds 50 pounds (22kg) or three feet (1 cubic meter) in size.

5. Luggage and freight is to be carried on by the passenger and stowed in the luggage area as directed by the crew.

6. All luggage and freight is to be stowed in accordance with the crew’s directions and should not restrict access to safety equipment or block aisles or emergency exits.

7. SBF cannot store any luggage or freight at any time either at the Homer terminal, on the ferry, or in Seldovia.

8. SBF takes no responsibility for any loss or damage to luggage in the Homer terminal, on the ferry, or in Seldovia.

9. SBF reserves the right to refuse to transport luggage or freight that may pose a safety risk to the vessel, passengers or crew, or that may disrupt passenger comfort.

10. For safety reasons, only small personal items (such as purses, lap-tops, brief cases, camera cases, small back-packs) may stay with passengers onboard the ferry. All other items must be stored per the direction of the crew.

11. If you are unable to safely carry your luggage, you may request crew assistance; however, luggage may not exceed the limitations outlined in #3 above.


Strollers are accommodated on the ferry and there is no additional fee.


There are facilities for bicycle storage on the bottom deck of the ferry. Passengers must be able to handle their own bicycles (crew members do not assist with the loading and unloading of bicycles). There is a fee per bike, each way + tax [Cost for a bicycle is listed above.]


Kayaks can be carried on the top deck of the ferry. Passengers must be able to handle their own kayaks (crew members do not assist with the loading and unloading of kayaks). There is a fee per kayak, each way + tax. [Cost for kayaks is listed above.]

Additional Luggage/Items

The first box/luggage is free. Additional boxes are charged a small fee, each way + tax. [See cost for freight per person above.] For items that do not fit the description of box/luggage, the cost is $0.10 per estimated lb. with a minimum $7 charge. Please request a sticker from the ticket agent to mark additional freight that has been paid for.

Pets and Animals

1. Dogs are allowed on board. All dogs must be leashed. Large dogs must be kept on the upper back deck accompanied by their owner. If needed, there are a limited number of crates available for use if owners do not want to sit outside with their dog. Very small dogs can be held by their owners inside the vessel, but may not be put on the floor or seats. Excessive barking will require that your dog be muzzled for the duration of the trip. Muzzles are available from the crew. Passengers are expected to clean up after their pet. There is a fee per pet, each way + tax. [Cost for pets is listed above.]

2. A limited number of kennels are available to use on the ferry.

3. All animals (other than where outlined in #1 above) must be transported in approved (commercial) kennels.

4. Certified service animals are not required to be in a kennels and can accompany their owner free of charge anywhere on the boat. A certified service animal is specifically trained to assist someone with a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life activity, or a condition that may require the use of a prosthesis, special mobility equipment, or a service animal. “Emotional support animals,” while of therapeutic benefit to their owners, are not individually trained to perform specific tasks for their handlers, and so are not considered to be certified service animals. “Emotional support animals” fall under the same requirements as #1 – #3 above.


All firearms MUST be surrendered to the Captain or their designee and must be in a locked commercial gun case. Firearms must be unloaded and ammunition must be transported in a separate bag. Firearms are NOT allowed as a carry on, or stowed in carry-on luggage. [Hard gun cases are available on a first come basis.]

Hazardous Materials

A hazardous material is any item or agent (biological, chemical, physical) which has the potential to cause harm to humans, animals, or the environment, either by itself or through interaction with other factors. Under no circumstance may any hazardous materials be brought onto the ferry as, or within, carry-on or checked luggage items. Hazardous materials are considered by SBF on a case-by-case basis and when carried, are only transported as light freight. Please call the SBF ticket office with specific requests. 907-435-3299.

Unaccompanied Freight

Light freight items (weighing under 50 lbs) can be shipped unaccompanied. (Note: Ferry crew cannot carry or assist with luggage or freight that exceeds 50 pounds (22kg) or 3 feet (1 cubic meter) in size.) You, or your representative, must be present dockside to receive unaccompanied freight upon arrival as there are no storage facilities available. There is a fee per piece, each way + tax, and must be paid for prior to being loaded on to the boat. Contact the SBF ticket office at 907-435-3299 to make arrangements. [See fee per item price above.]