Seldovia Village Tribe is proud to operate the Seldovia Bay Ferry serving the communities of Seldovia and Homer.

Kachemak Voyager

Enjoy transportation aboard the 150 passenger catamaran, fully equipped to transport you between the communities Homer and the historic Seldovia.


Custom-built by All American Marine of Bellingham, Washington, the Kachemak Voyager is an 83′ x 29′ catamaran that has been built to accommodate 150 people comfortably. Passenger seating consists of modular transit-style seating (with indoor and outdoor seating available). The ferry is equipped with two restrooms on the main deck. Light snacks and drinks are available for purchase on the ferry. Coffee and tea are provided free of charge.


The operating speed of the ferry is 25 knots full loaded which is 28.8 MPH. The vessel is equipped with a hydraulic crane and is capable of carrying light freight totes.

Environmental Information

The ferry uses highly-efficient, low-emission diesel engines. These engines meet stringent “Tier-2” emission standards established by the Environmental Protection Agency. The vessel also has a low resistance catamaran hull that requires less power to move through the water. The specially designed aluminum hulls produce a very low wake. The low energy wake has less impact on the shoreline and beaches. Energy efficient lighting is also used throughout the vessel.