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Kachemak Bay

Mount Redoubt steam and ash at midnight June 2009 Kachemak Bay Alaska Photo © Michael Adams Used with permission - all rights reserved.Situated on the southern part of Kenai Peninsula, Kachemak Bay is surrounded by glaciers, mountains, and active volcanoes. Kachemak Bay is protected and studied under the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration’s [NOAA] National Estuarine Research Reserve System and, with over 370,000 acres of estuarine and upland habitats, represents the largest reserve in the nation. Rocky substrates intermixed with beaches and tidal flats, extensive mud flats, wetlands, glaciers, submerged aquatic vegetation, and open water are the predominant habitat features. Kachemak Bay supports large concentrations of marine mammals including whales, porpoises, Steller sea lions, seals, and sea otters; fish, including all five species of Pacific salmon, halibut, and herring; tanner, dungeness, and king crabs, several species of clams, and other fauna.


Alaska’s first State Park, the Kachemak Bay State Park and State Wilderness Park, is comprised of 400,000 acres of mountains, glaciers, forests, and ocean. The park is accessible from Homer via air charters, water taxis, and boat rentals. There are no roads that travel to the park. Park visitors will find opportunities for wildlife viewing, photography, fishing, boating, kayaking, hiking, camping, and mountain sports.

There are over 25 miles of park trails, ranging from easy to difficult. Many climb over steep, rugged terrain, and offer excellent views. Others wind through coastal forest and meadows. Visitors may expect trails to be passable, although there may be areas of exposed rocks, roots, wet boggy areas, downed trees, or tall grass.



Seldovia Slough - Seldovia Alaska Photo © Don Kashevaroff Used with permission - all rights reserved.Seldovia, located on the south shore of Kachemak Bay, represents one of the Kenai Peninsula’s best kept secrets. Those seeking an accessible Alaskan experience will enjoy all that Seldovia has to offer: nature trails, beaches, wildlife, small-town atmosphere, and friendly people. Click here to learn more about Seldovia…



Homer Spit - Homer Alaska Photo © - all rights reserved.Located on the north shore of Kachemak Bay, Homer represents the Kenai Peninsula’s jumping off point for outdoor adventure and discovery. Click here to learn more about Homer…

Halibut Cove

Originally a fishing village, Halibut Cove is now home to several artists and small businesses. A popular tourist destination, the cove offers several lodges and cabins and the only way to get around the cove is by boat.

Nanwalek & Port Graham

Nanwalek and Port Graham are located near the southern tip of the Kenai Peninsula and are separated by less than five miles. Both are accessible only by air or water and contain traditional Alutiiq villages. They lie 10 miles down the coast from Seldovia and 35 miles southwest of Homer.

Wildlife Viewing

Tufted Puffin - Alaska Photo © and used with permission - all rights reserved.Kachemak Bay offers excellent opportunities to see wildlife up close and in its natural environment. These waters home to resident and migratory species – many species of whales and more than 130 species of birds migrate to Kachemak Bay, including over 20 species of shorebirds. The Seldovia Bay Ferry provides a stable wildlife viewing platform and its upper deck is a photographer’s dream. Our courteous staff is available to answer all your questions and we offer lender binoculars in case you’ve forgotten your own.